Thursday, September 8, 2011

my sister's quilt aka "the tula pink obsession"

This is my current quilt project in the making. That's not to say that I don't have several others in the works. I do. At least one too many, but this quilt is the attention of my quilting focus. It's for my sister, like so many others before and those in line after. I have yet to make a quilt for myself. It seems that the decision making process (pattern, fabric, size) is far easier to accomplish when the quilt is for someone else.

This quilt started out as a charm pack of Tula Pink's Full Moon Forest three years ago when I was attending a family reunion in Maine. It has taken me all of the three years to decide what I was going to make with the fabric and acquiring various other Tula Pink charm packs. Unbeknown to me (duh), fabric lines go out of production and can no longer be purchased through conventional quilt shops. Thank god for Etsy and ebay. If it weren't for these addictive sites, I would not be making this quilt; I'd probably be selling the charm pack of TP's FMF at a lucrative profit. However, I love my sissie and I love making her things. I WILL love making this quilt once it's done. For now, it stares at me every time I pass by the sewing room (aka my son's bedroom) and begs me to spend just 15 minutes a day working on it. I have successfully ignored these pleas for the past 3 days. Maybe tonight I'll get a burning desire to sit and sew. Or not.

I just want to say that there is something perverse about sewing a whole quilt top together only to cut it all apart again. My sister loved the top pre-cut and wasn't thrilled with the notion that I was going to cut it all up to make a twister quilt pattern. Maybe good was good enough? I thought it looked boring as plain squares and always intended it to be a twister quilt. I think it's coming out okay and I hope my sister thinks so, too.

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