Friday, September 9, 2011

ack! christmas is only 105 days away

For the past two years I have made Christmas wall hangings for the Holiday Bash the "anonymous" program I belong to puts on. It gets auctioned off along with other types of gift baskets and is a great way for the program to raise money. I can't just make one, however. I make several to give away to friends and family. I really thought that after the mad dash to the finish last year that I would be more on top of it for this year's Bash. HA! I just found out that I need to have it done by November 2nd. Oh boy, I'm in trouble. I haven't even decided what I am going to make yet. On a positive note, I scooped up a bunch of holiday fabric last year after the holidays at a deep discounted price.

I think I better get a move on it. Once again, too many irons in the fire!

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