Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2 years later and then some

I love reading blogs, especially those about quilting and sewing. I am also a newly addicted "pinterest-er". I can get lost for hours and hours looking at my blogs (through google reader) and my pinterest account. I also find that I have a lot to say, mostly to myself. And while this blog started out as a way to chronicle my life (kind of ala PW), I want to take it in a different direction. I don't know exactly where it's going to wind up. Hell, in the end, this might just be an exercise in improving my typing skills - something that really needs improvement. Anyway, this blog might contain sewing/quilting information about my progress (or lack of) on my current project(s), a rant or two or plain old monkey-mind rambling thoughts.

When I first started posting, my husband's death was new and raw. I had a lot of anger, frustration and trauma surrounding his dying and I thought blogging would be a good way to chronicle what was going on in my life and how I got to where I was - I was reliving my past, mistakes and all, via blogging. I am leaving my old posts up for now, but I may decide to delete them in the future...

Not too long ago, my son said something to me that jarred me out of my pity-pot stupor. He basically said that we have a choice in either letting our past become or define our lives (stuck) or just accepting that there were incidents or things that happened and move on. I realized that I was becoming the woman who's husband died of alcoholism and I am much more than that. And that's that.

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