Tuesday, October 4, 2011

my other family

If you have a job, you probably spend more awake time with your co-workers than you do with your own "home" family. I know I do. I spend over 8 hours a day with my "work" family - a diverse group of about 26 people. We all have different backgrounds, family values, economic status, and most importantly, personalities.

I usually tell people at my "A" meeting (no not that group), that I don't live with active alcoholism anymore. And that's true - at my home. Work is a different story. Certain circumstances have come up recently where my boss is around the office more than usual - and this follows a 5 week vacation that he recently took. I now work with active something. I can't say for sure it's drinking or drugs of some kind. But, it's there. There's been a shift to indifference about the outcome of the business, turning over and assigning more responsibility to his son, who in my opinion, is not ready for any of the responsibility due to lack of experience and immaturity.

I really need to practice my program of "one day at a time" and turn it over to my higher power, hoping and praying that I can detach from this new form of insanity (hopefully temporary) and live my own life and not worry about theirs.

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