Monday, June 30, 2008

Gray skies are gonna clear up

Halleluja, we finally saw blue skies. Apparently, the jet stream is working in our favor and blowing all the smoke from the fires north to Oregon. If they didn't dislike Californians already, they will after they get our smoke.

I have about 25 minutes to burn (no pun intended) waiting for my hair color to process, so I thought I'd take advantage of this time and blog. What else could I be doing?

Wash the dishes
Empty the dishwasher
Read a good book
Make my lunch for work
Prep dinner

Hmmm, tough choices, but sitting and typing sounds better than all of the above, with the possible exception of reading a good book, but I can't lie down on the couch with all this goop in my hair.

My friend and I went to Macy's yesterday to get a makeup makeover at the MAC counter. My friend doesn't own any makeup (gasp!) and had no clue how to apply it even if she did. How did she manage to get through the first 50 years of her life??????????

My first experience with "makeovers" was at the Adrien Arpel studio in San Francisco's Macys. This was many, many, many years ago. Like more than 20. My friends and I decided that we needed a girl's day out and since my friends never used makeup (am I the only one who wears makeup?) we thought that getting done up would be fun and SF is a beautiful city, so what could go wrong?

Hookers, tramps, trollops. That's what could go wrong. My god, I never had more makeup applied to my face at one time. For me it was about a week's worth gobbed on my face. For my friends, well, a lifetime's worth. We looked at each other and gasped, laughed, wet our pants, and washed our faces off. It was horrible. Have you seen Adrien Arpel lately? She appears regularly on HSN and it's not a pretty sight - btw, this is just my personal opinion.

We were unrecognizable to ourselves and each other. It was as if the technicians were hell-bent on altering our looks so that we would be able to go home incognito. Our husbands would think they had hookers come visit and they wouldn't have to pay for their services.... Fat chance. We weren't leaving Macys looking like we could stand on the street corner and make some extra money.

My second 'makeover' was at the BareEscentuals makeup store at Pier 39, in San Francisco. I don't know what it is about makeup makeovers and SF. My sis was in town with her daughter, so we trekked down to the city with my kids in tow, too. Again, the heavy-handed technician was so good, neither my sister or I resembled our former selves. My daughter, who was about 13 at the time, cried. She didn't like her mom "altered" by all the makeup on her face. She would have screamed had she seen me after the Arpel debacle. I washed my face as soon as I could....

Yesterday I cautioned the saleslady that I did not want to go home and make my daughter cry again. She's 19 now, and I think she's over the trauma from the previous experience, but I'm not taking any chances. Anyway, this 'designer' makeup is expensive stuff. Two eye shadows, and a small tube of cover-up set me back almost 50 bucks. Isn't there a comparable drugstore brand the works as well????? I know there is, but the pampering of having someone apply the makeup is very seductive. Seductive enough to plunk down 50 smackeroos for glorified war paint.

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